Guest Author: Liz Flaherty


It’s funny how some things change as you get older. Not all things are funny, of course—memory, hearing, joints, anyone?—but things in writing. In stories.

In my early days of reading and writing romance, not only did I need a Happily Ever After (which I still do), I needed it to be in the four-bedroom, two-bath house with a picket fence and a cat on the porch. And kids. Because that was, for the most part, my life. And I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Then I got older. My heroines did, too, and I met up with Women’s Fiction and had to concede that there was a new love in my reading life. I couldn’t get enough of reading about women whose stories were told differently. They fell in love and lived happily ever after, but their journeys were about much more than that. Their heartaches were about more than unrequited love. They were taking care of elderly parents, trying to raise teenagers without going completely mad, hoping to have more money than month at least sometimes.

Were they all this way? No. But a lot of them were, and suddenly there were heroines I could identify with. My friend Nan Reinhardt laughs at me because I’m exhausted and bored by reading about rich people, but the truth is—just like when I wanted that happy ending to have the house, fence, cat, and kids—I want to put myself in the heroine’s place.

Even when I write and read Women’s Fiction, though, it always crosses over to romance. They are actually the same thing to me.

Enter Carol, who is a beautician. She owns her own shop, the Clip Joint, in Peacock, Tennessee. She’s not rich, tiny, or beautiful. But she’s a wonderful friend. A loving daughter. A generous person. Her life isn’t what she intended or even hoped for, but it’s good.

And then one day in the cemetery, Steven Elliot rides in front of her old Pontiac on a bicycle, and that life is changed forever.

I hope you like The Healing Summer.Carol's Clip Joint


It’s a summer romance–what happens come September?

When Steven Elliott accidentally rides his bike into Carol Whitney’s car at the cemetery, the summer takes on new and exciting possibilities. Long friendship wends its way into something deeper when their hearts get involved. Feelings neither of them had expected to experience again enrich their days and nights.  But what happens when the long summer ends? When Carol wants a family and commitment and a future, Steven isn’t so sure. He’s had his heart broken before—can he risk it again?


There had been other “hook-ups,” both during break-up times and since Promise’s death, but he had never given serious thought to waking up with anyone he slept with—at least, not on a consistent basis. No one ever asked or expected him to be faithful. No one called him her boyfriend. No one admitted they had to pee like a racehorse—it was as if the women he’d been with didn’t have bodily functions other than orgasm.

Not that exclusivity was a problem. It wasn’t at all.

“I don’t need you to fall in love with me or promise me lifelong loyalty or any of that. I don’t even expect you to consider our relationship a…well, a relationship, but I’m not much into that kind of adventure, either.” She grinned sheepishly. “I know I sound like a prude, but so be it.”

He knew she was no prude. She was exciting and sexy and so much fun he sometimes he went days on end thinking he might actually be able to live without Promise. Not just exist, but live, with a large part of his heart intact.

“I want to be your boyfriend,” he said. “No class ring—I hocked it to buy beer when I was a freshman in college. But we’ll sit together at all the Little League games and the Cup and Cozy and I’ll even buy—if I have any money. When you’re taking care of Reese and pretending you’re not, I’ll pretend right along with you. What do you think?”

“I think you have your eye on my Mustang.”

“Nah, it’s too little—hurts my knees—though I probably look good in it. Not as good as I do on a motorcycle, but not bad. I’ll be an excellent boyfriend.” He lifted her hand, turning the chain he’d given her round and round. “Boyfriends give charm bracelets.”

“Well, since you did give me the bracelet and I love it, it’s okay with me if you’re my boyfriend. For the summer anyway.” She leaned in to kiss him, her hand on his shoulder, and he caught her wrist just to touch her. He loved her skin.

“You don’t think I’ll stay in Peacock, do you?” He held her gaze.

“No.” But she didn’t seem unhappy—not even a little bit sad. “You’re too—I don’t know—intense, maybe. You move too fast. No one does that here. You know that. Besides, you’ve been gone too long. Other than a few weeks some summers and the awful time while Promise was sick, you haven’t actually lived here since you left for Vanderbilt. And I don’t think you’ve wanted to, have you?”

She was right—until this summer, he hadn’t wanted to come back here. But that was before finding Miss Abigail’s. Before Jamie Scott died.

Before Carol.

“Dillon was away for years,” he said. “He didn’t even come and visit after his folks retired to Arizona, and look at him now. You couldn’t pry him off Lawyers Row with a crowbar.”

Carol shook her head. “Dillon came home and found Grace. Had she not been here, he wouldn’t be either.”

But you’re here. Steven didn’t say the words out loud. He was startled to have even thought them.

She checked the clock on the oven. “It’s time for me to go. I told Grace I’d pick them up at ten. When are you guys leaving?”

“As soon as everyone kisses his wife goodbye. I’ll follow you into town and kiss you at the same time so you won’t feel out of place or anything.”

She went to the sink, rinsing the coffee carafe and their cups and draping the dishcloth neatly over the sink divider. “That’s really big of you. You’re not going to throw your cell phone away or anything like they did in that movie, are you?”

He picked up her suitcase to follow her out the door. “Nope. Why? Are you going to worry about me?”

“Heavens, no.” She opened the Mustang’s trunk for him. “I’m not your mother.” She gave a little toss of her ponytail. “I’m your girlfriend.”


Liz 2019Retired from the post office and married to Duane for…a really long time, USA Today bestselling author Liz Flaherty has had a heart-shaped adult life, populated with kids and grands and wonderful friends. She admits she can be boring, but hopes her curiosity about everyone and everything around her keeps her from it. She likes traveling and quilting and reading. And she loves writing.

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Guest Author: K.C. Wells & Parker Williams

OnTheSamePageFS_v1In ‘On the Same Page’, one of our characters owns a bookshop. KC and I thought it would be fun to talk about our favorite books.

My first MM Romance was a book called ‘The Telling’ by Eden Winters. Here’s the blurb:

Time in Iraq cost Michael Ritter some of his hearing and a friend whose death he feels responsible for. He’d left Alabama hopin g to escape a dull, small-town life, only to return four years later, lugging a duffle full of personal demons. 

Cookesville, Alabama isn’t the most welcoming place on earth, particularly for a gay, Hispanic student wanting nothing more than to earn his degree and get back home to Texas. An image of a somber young man that he knows only by name and the stories told by an adoring sister comes to life when Michael returns home, just as Jay is already half-way to losing his heart.

Michael’s biggest battle lies ahead, and he’ll need all the help he can get to find his way in a world where he no longer fits in. Jay’s not sure where he fits either, but it could be next to the war-torn soldier who needs his strength.

 This story hit me hard in the feels, because Michael, our hero, is damaged in ways most of us will never understand. War has left him with partial hearing loss, and PTSD. Things many of us take for granted, like fireworks, are forever denied him because of the things he experienced while at war. Then there’s also the fact he lost something else, something that can never be replaced. A friend.

Because this was my first book, and I loved it so hard, I decided I would write the author, Eden Winters, and let her know. Now I’m going to be honest here. My belief was that a PA or publicist would get the letter, and Eden would never actually see it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not an hour after I sent the letter, Eden replied. We got to talking, and from that humble beginning a friendship grew.

The Telling (and the follow up, ‘Night Watch’) gave me my first real glimpse into MM Romance, and I’ve never stepped away from it.

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(The book is .99 at Amazon, and Eden makes a donation from the money she raises on it.)

K.C. Wells

The first gay romance I ever read was about…cowboys.

Not something I usually read about, to be honest, but I was dipping my toes in a new genre.

The book was Bareback by Chris Owen.

And I was hooked.

It had everything, including my first ever group sex scene. And my heart broke when things went bad between Jake and Tor, and you bet I was rooting for them to get back together.

I went on to read more of Chris’s books, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Imagine my joy when I got to do a BDSM panel with Chris and LM Somerton at GRL!

Fast forward to the present day, and I’m contemplating writing a cowboy story….

Parker Williams

Blurb for “On The Same Page”

When a Dom invites a shy bookstore owner to live out his fantasies, more than one life will be transformed.

Words are Heath Snow’s life. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t have his nose buried in a book. He couldn’t make a living as a writer, so he did the next best thing—he bought a bookstore. But when he’s not selling books, he’s living vicariously through the characters he encounters. Real men can’t hold a candle to the hot men in his favorite genre.

The Pride display in the bookstore window may be what captured Xavier James’s attention, but the man enthusing about books interests him more. The BDSM book lying next to the cash register is a pleasant surprise, and when he draws attention to it, Heath’s flushed cheeks and bright eyes pique Xavier’s curiosity even further.

Xavier is about to learn that some things are more important than work, and Heath is about to step out of his comfort zone, into a place where fantasy and real life coexist.

Author Bios:

K.C. Wells lives on an island off the south coast of the UK, surrounded by natural beauty. She writes about men who love men, and can’t even contemplate a life that doesn’t include writing.

The rainbow rose tattoo on her back with the words ‘Love is Love’ and ‘Love Wins’ is her way of hoisting a flag. She plans to be writing about men in love – be it sweet and slow, hot or kinky – for a long while to come.

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Parker Williams loves the written word. The discovery of MM romance, as well as a chance encounter with an amazing author, changed the course of his life as he began to write the stories his men were whispering to him. With the help of some amazing friends and a community of writers he’s proud to be part of, Parker continues telling stories of love, hurt, comfort, and sometimes tosses in a little angst for fun.


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Guest Author: M. Raiya

OWLFS_v1Thank you so much for hosting me here on Sparkling Reviews as part of my blog tour for the release of my novel, YA novel, Owl. I’m really proud of this book and excited to share it.

The most challenging part of writing Owl was that one of the two main characters, Gabriel, is a shifter who is trapped in his owl form for a good chunk of the story. How to show his growing friendship with a human, when he can’t speak? I decided to tell the story from the owl’s point of view. That way, I could show what he was thinking and sometimes what he would have said if he could have. It helps that Gabriel is a very witty guy and has no trouble poking fun at himself. He ended up setting the tone for the book. And that makes things feel even darker and more dramatic when everything finally begins to unravel and life gets grim.

The excerpt is from early on in the novel when Gabriel and his human friend Vin are just getting to know each other. They are out in Vin’s kayak—Vin is paddling, obviously, and Gabriel is perched on the bow.


Gabriel made a decision to help a friend, and it cost him. He’s been exiled from his clan, trapped in his owl form, living in a swamp, and slowly losing his humanity. If not for Vincent, Gabriel would have no chance of regaining what he lost.

Vincent is popular and successful, but no one knows the real him, who is gay and would rather become a musician than a lawyer… no one but the owl living in the hollow tree. As Vincent shares his secrets, he not only unburdens his heart, but stirs Gabriel’s. In each other they have a chance to heal… to live.

Unless Gabriel’s grandfather has his way.

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 “It’s really pretty back here.” Vin paddled us into a deep cove beside the headland with the cottage. The mouth was narrow, but it opened into a wide, shallow expanse of water with a small crescent beach at the back. It was utterly private. The water was so still and clear we could see the sandy bottom as we floated over it. There were a few clams, their dark shells standing upright on the bottom as they fed. A couple small perch swam under us, startled at our shadow, and took off.

I saw a little painted turtle and pointed it out with one wing. We watched it in silence. The cove was mesmerizing. We floated in the liquid glass for a long time, and then Vin paddled us up to the beach and landed.

“Time for a break,” he said, and hopped out.

I flew over the beach a little way and landed on a piece of driftwood. He pulled the kayak out of the water and brought his waterproof bag over to me, then smiled a little sheepishly and headed to the back of the beach. I had the same thing in mind, so I flew off to some pines and took care of my messy stuff. I saw a trail below me that led, I assumed, to the cottage on the headland. I spotted a frog in some seaweed washing at the edge of the water and in a second, he was in my gullet. I’d gotten up part way through the night and hunted awhile. The two moles I’d caught were long gone, but I was used to being hungry, and I didn’t want to leave Vin on our day together. I flew back to the driftwood, shaking water from my feathers.

Vin rejoined me in a minute, spread the towel on the sand, and sat down on it with a sigh, leaning on the log next to me and stretching his long legs out. I watched him bury his feet in the sand. I used to like to do that.

“I brought some food,” he said, digging around in his bag. “Can you eat roast beef?”

I probably shouldn’t, but I moved closer eagerly as he took out a little, soft-sided cooler big enough for a couple sandwiches. In a plastic baggie, he’d packed some plain roast beef. And potato chips. I couldn’t resist. He broke off some meat and held it out to me. I took it gently from his fingers. It was delicious.

“I love it when you squeeze your eyes up like that,” he said.

It was from the glare on the water, I firmly told myself, and straightened my wings. Dignified owl at all times, that was me.

“I hope it’s not affecting you, not being nocturnal,” he said, feeding me another bite. “I meant what I said last night, about making sure your needs are being met.”

Oh, they were. Roast beef bliss underway.

Vin laughed, opened one of his colas, and took a long drink. I hopped over to the bag of chips and opened it with a talon. A few spilled on the sand. I looked at Vin guiltily, but he just laughed. I picked up a chip, hop-flapped back to the log, and then, on impulse, offered it to him.

He bent and took it with his lips.

I gave a soft, happy hoot. He laughed too, and fed me another piece of meat.


Gabriel is a barred owl, and this is a photo of one that I was lucky enough to take near our camp in Vermont recently. Who can resist eyes like that? Not Vin, for sure. He’ll risk anything to help Gabriel become human again, but the time will come when they’ll look back on their time on the beach as the last few moments of peace before life gets even more complicated.


And here’s their kayak on the beach. (Okay, it’s really my kayak. Same difference.)

Photos are by M. Raiya

Author Bio:

Raiya is a Vermonter and splits her time between a home in the mountains and a camp on a lake, writing full time when she’s not taking long walks with her dog, swimming, kayaking, or birding, always with a camera in hand. M. Raiya’s novel Depth of Return won first place in the 2017 Rainbow Awards in the Gay Paranormal Romance category, and her novel Another Healing was a finalist in the 2015 Rainbow Awards.

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Guest Author: Sandine Tomas

santa's last gift reviewHello, I’m Sandine Tomas and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about my new holiday novel, Santa’s Last Gift, by giving you an exclusive excerpt. Plus, there’s an opportunity to win a free e-book copy at the end!

The holidays mean different things to different people. To my character, Sebastian and Matthew they represent a time to reconnect and appreciate the family they have both come to love.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Cheryl took up the conversation. “There is a holiday event in town for New Year’s Eve. It’s not sponsored by Waterford….” She tossed a narrowed gaze at her daughter. “It’s a dance and silent auction for charity.” She looked at Matt. “Matt’s sculpture and figurines bring in the most money, of course.” She smiled at Chance. “Our resident princess calls it our ‘New Year’s Eve Ball’.”

Pushing her empty plate away with a low groan, Stephanie patted her inflated stomach. “Ugh. That was too good.” She returned to the topic. “It started three years ago. I told you we created that committee, remember?”

Baz tipped his head to the side, considering, “The Chamber of Commerce charity group?”

“Yep,” Stephanie said, popping the P.

“Steph thought up the dance idea,” Cheryl offered.

“Where do you hold it?”

“The Elk Lodge donates their space.”

Baz arched a brow, lips in a moue.

Matt nodded. “I know, you’re remembering that old wood building not looking like much. But we light the place up, and Ma can do wonders with inexpensive tulle fabric we get in bulk.” Matt grinned. “I bet you got your party skills from her.”

Blushing, Cheryl dipped her head. “I don’t know about that.”

“Don’t get bashful. You make it magical.”

He turned to Baz, forcing his tapping foot still with an internal scold. “We usually all go together. You’ll come, right?”

Bug-eyed, Baz dropped the bread he’d been holding. “What?”

“Of course he’ll be there,” Steph assured, before turning to Baz. “I mean it’s New Year’s Eve. You’ll love it.”

“I don’t dance.”

Steph was having none of that and rolled her eyes. “As long as you don’t judge us too harshly, Mr. Event Planer. Because, let me tell you, we’ve more than held our own. We’ve come up with a new theme each year and try to one-up ourselves.” Steph’s voice got animated. “We hired a new caterer this year and booked a live band instead of a DJ. I’ve been using social media. If we turn it into a must-go-to-event, if we raise the bar, then we’ll attract more donors and not only townsfolk.”

“All the money we raise goes to Holiday Helpers. They provide food for the needy all year round. Matt’s been helping them out for years.”

Face warming, Matt felt all eyes on him. He fought the stammer in his voice. “Nobody should be hungry ever. But around the holidays… well, it’s worse somehow.”

The intensity of Baz’s gaze caught Matt’s breath. “Guess I’m going to a ball.”

Giveaway Offer

What do the holidays mean to you? Tell me in the comments and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free e-book copy of Santa’s Last Gift! Please provide contact information.

Santa’s Last Gift Blurb

The greatest gift might be what they already have.

After years away building his career, event planner Sebastian Chesnut returns to his small hometown of Fir Falls to reconnect with his mother, sister, and young nieces before his job takes him to London.

He doesn’t expect to find his high school boyfriend, Matty, has become a virtual member of Seb’s family. Back then, Matty only offered a casual relationship, but Seb fell hard, and history is soon repeating itself. Seb’s afraid to hope for a second chance, no matter how much they’ve grown and despite the family they share. Instead, he focuses on creating a last perfect holiday, which won’t be easy with his sister’s ex planning to take the girls over Christmas.

Seb and Matty might not know what to do about their feelings for each other, but one thing’s for sure—it won’t be Christmas without the kids. Can these star-crossed lovers pull off a holiday miracle?

Sandine Tomas Bio

Sandine Tomas grew up an unapologetic bookworm, making friends with characters from the ancient past to the farthest reaches of the universe. Her career as a marketing writer has given her insight into the divergence between what a person thinks they want and what they truly need. Relationships are at the heart of her writing, and she enjoys creating characters who become so real that their stories beg to be told. Writing allows her to explore people and ideas from all sides, spinning a notion around like a gem until its facets glisten.

Twisting the old adage about writing what you know into writing what you feel, Sandine doesn’t shy away from raw emotions, turbulent circumstances, and above all, deep passions, fueled by humor, honesty, and trust. She enjoys instilling her characters with the flaws, courage, and idiosyncrasies that brings them to life.

Sandine lives in New York with her husband, daughters and a Golden Retriever puppy named Noodle. An unabashed TV and film enthusiast, she happily binge watches her favorites until her eyes glaze over. Her other guilty pleasures include attending fandom conventions, sleeping in on weekends, and recharging solo by holing up with a caramel macchiato and an amazing book.

If you’d like to chat, reach out to her on Twitter @SandineTomas or on her website

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Guest Author: Amy Lane

FallThroughSpringFS_v1Fall Through Spring


 When we meet Mason Hayes, we realize right off he’s sort of a dork. He’s like a perpetually horny Fred MacMurray with a runaway mouth. But one of Mason’s redeeming features is his devotion to his brother, Dane.

Dane, we learn in book two, has bipolar, and we see—mostly off page—a depression spiral that throws Mason’s entire life into an uproar, and we root for Mason to not only make his romance work, but to get his little brother back. When Dane is whole and well, he’s a funny, warm, fiercely loyal part of Mason’s life.

I knew that seeing this character from a closer point of view—from the POV of the guy who wouldn’t get out of bed for a month, from the POV of the guy who loved him and kicked his ass out anyway—was going to be rough.

“Mental illness is the suck,” Dane’s love interest says at the beginning. “I’m sorry you have to deal with that. But I’m glad you’re here to game with me tonight.”

And that pretty much sums up how Clay and Mason has to deal with Dane—one up, and one down at a time.

Clay’s experience is mine—people I love dearly have been hurt by imperfect brain chemistry, and it’s our job to love those people through the highs and the lows, and know that the person we care about truly does balance out to a lovely human being in the middle. Upswings are exhausting, and downswings are worse—but as long as the person we love is in there, underneath the balance of medication and human being, the results of unconditional love are unconditionally worth it.

Dane has been grappling with his illness for years—his parents have helped him since his diagnosis, and his brother has taken on that role since he moved away from home. Falling in love hasn’t been on his agenda since his stay in the psych ward, when he originally balanced his medication, because he knows the seductiveness of putting his happiness in the hands of the wrong kind of person.

When Clay puts off their relationship because he’s the right kind of person, Dane is frustrated at first, and then hurt—but when Clay’s devotion sees the test of time through Dane’s absolute worst, Dane comes out on the other side with a fragile confidence. Anybody who can see him through the worst of what his illness has to offer is someone who, just might, come through for him as a lover and not just a friend.

Dane is just like Clay—a twined rosebush of good and bad, with enough thorns on the branches to make it impossible to sort them out.

Dane’s romance was never going to be easy. I know people wanted to see him fall in love—he’s funny and charming, and can be a laugh riot when he’s on an upswing. But just like Carpenter, if we’re going to love Dane, we need to love all of him—and know that the hard parts are worth it, because the person we’re loving is, at his soul, an amazing companion with a good heart.

I loved writing him—and I thought Carpenter was a good match. I hope people adore him like I did.


 A Winter Ball Novel

As far as Clay Carpenter is concerned, his abusive relationship with food is the best thing he’s got going. When a good friend starts kicking his ass into gear, Clay is forced to reexamine everything he learned about food and love—and that’s right when he meets troubled graduate student, Dane Hayes.

Dane Hayes doesn’t do the whole monogamy thing, but the minute he meets Clay Carpenter, he’s doing the friend thing in spades. The snarky, scruffy bastard not only gets Dane’s wacky sense of humor, he also accepts the things Dane can’t control—like the bipolar disorder Dane has been trying to manage for the past six years.

Dane is hoping for more than friendship, and Clay is looking at him with longing that isn’t platonic. They’re both positive they’re bad at relationships, but with the help of forbidden desserts and new medication regimens, they prove outstanding at being with each other. But can they turn their friendship into the love neither of them has dared to hope for?


Amy Lane lives in a crumbling crapmansion with a couple of growing children, a passelamy-lane-2 of furbabies, and a bemused spouse. Two of her books have received a RITA nomination, she’s won honorable mention for an Indiefab, and has a couple of Rainbow Awards to her name. She also has too damned much yarn, a penchant for action-adventure movies, and a need to know that somewhere in all the pain is a story of Wuv, Twu Wuv, which she continues to believe in to this day! She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and gay romance–and if you accidentally make eye contact, she’ll bore you to tears with why those three genres go together. She’ll also tell you that sacrifices, large and small, are worth the urge to write.

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Guest Author: E.L. Croucher

Horned wing1Horned Winged Blessed

Blurb: Follow Joan on her adventure of discovery, as she learns the hard way that her post-apocalyptic utopia isn’t always full of rainbows and Merlot.

Yes, she lives on the nicer side of the settlement, as the daughter of the Mother Founder. But after a life-threatening attack on her home, she soon realises that many out there are against the Silver Party regime.

Horned Winged Blessed is the story of one girl fighting against a tyrannous government, elected to power amidst the unending chaos of World War III. Heavily enriched in their pagan values, the Silver Party are to thank for pulling Broken Britain up from the brink of a depression, but at what cost?

Will Joan decide to take down the Silver Party from the inside…

…or will she go on to fight alongside the rebel faction that allures her so intensely?


“He said that you represent them… the enemy. There’s something about you, and I see it too.” She has no idea how right she is in this exact moment. It’s almost frightening.

“Maybe I don’t want all that though, did anyone ever consider that?”

“We don’t always get to choose what we stand for, Luna. I didn’t. I’m here, fighting this fight because I have to be.”

“You have to be?” I’m confused. What is she saying? “For Matthew?”

“No, not him. He means the world to me, that’s no secret. But no. Not him. Luna, look at me.” I submit and do as she says. We put our wine glasses to the side. “I didn’t go through what I did in the previous world to live as a stupid, suppressed ‘Blessed one’. No way. And neither did any of my other sisters. Do you understand me? I’m a woman. Not a trans woman. Not anything else. A woman. The minute I’m defined as a subcategory is the minute my identity stops being up to me. I haven’t fought to become who I am – and was always meant to be – just to have it dictated to me by a bunch of crazies.”

Suddenly she stands up, and walks over to my kitchen surface. One drawer after another, she searches for something. The wine is on the table, so it can’t be that. Then, she pauses when she finds whatever it is she’s looking for. A small dagger, given to me by a guy I could’ve fallen for, once upon a time. It stands for everything she stands for. For me, it’s a symbol of what could’ve been. A night’s warmth. A fleeting memory.


rhdrAbout E L Croucher

E L Croucher is a young author, living in London. She started writing over two years, with her first novel The Butterfly on Fire, which she published on Amazon. Alongside her career as a writer, she works as a Japanese translator and interpreter for a well-known Japanese gaming company, after studying Japanese at university and living in Tokyo, Japan.
Her latest novel, Horned Winged Blessed is an ironic look into a world in which gender roles are swapped, and minorities are forced into labels that they did not choose. With a mix of feminist views and a pro-LGBTQ+ stance, E L Croucher writes to further her dream of a world free from prejudice, hate-crimes and bullying.

Follow her story on her website or find her on social media: